Monday, June 10, 2013

Dirty dishes and Awesome kids

I guess I haven't done dishes for a few days; when they are dirty, my teenage sons don't like to cook. I can't blame them, I don't either.

I also hate when I have to wash dishes in order to prepare to cook and then I wash dishes while the food is cooking and then I still have to wash dishes after we eat!

So, I tried to get them all clean today, including the pots and pans.
Then, Spencer said he didn't want to eat because all the dishes were clean and if he cooked something then they wouldn't ALL be clean any more.
Sad that it's such a rare event that he wanted to prolong it as long as possible.

Trevor was asking for pancakes all day, but I didn't want to make it this morning, because the dishes were dirty, then I didn't want to make them for lunch, because I had just got them all clean.  But, Spencer said he would help me make them for dinner, so we had breakfast for dinner with pancakes, bacon and fried spuds. Delicious!

This morning, Christian (a.k.a. picky eater #1) was pulling up his pants saying they were a little too big. He won't go clothes shopping, (like his Dad), unless forced, so I just guessed his size.  I buy him 29 or 30 inch waist pants.  I told him he wasn't doing his cookie eating duty!  Then, two or three other kids come into the kitchen saying, "Cookies? I want some cookies!"
I had to tell them that we didn't have cookies, I was just teasing Christian.
His favorite snack is to suck on an ice cube or two.

Dexter (my 7 year old) made a goal to not eat any more sweets for the rest of the year. He almost forgot when I made cookies the last time, but he compromised by taking out the parts with chocolate chips. But, he is very determined, and didn't eat any of the skittles, gummy worms or m&ms offered to him over the past few days.

His teacher at church asked me if Dexter could have sweets, and I said yes, because that was before I knew about his goal.  I'm sure Dexter turned him down. He is my hero, I want to be more like him.


Scorchi said...

Fun stuff, Trina! If I were there, I'd wash dishes for you.

It is amazing that a kid so young can be so determined not to eat sugar! He is amazing!

SillySlang said...

Come and stay forever! I won't make you wash dishes all the time.

He is very determined. At first he said he didn't want to go trick-or-treating on Halloween, but then he started to re-think that. So, we'll see how long it lasts.