Monday, July 20, 2009

Adventures in shopping in a small town

You also know you are in a small town when...
directions include the words, "You know that street with the stop light..."

We were looking for a bookstore.
Well, you go down Main Street and turn left on Center Street (the one with the stop light) and down a little on the left, you find:

You know you are in a small Utah town when...
the only bookstore in town sells LDS books inside an auto shop and it was closed for four days while the owners were away for a family reunion; it said so on the gate.
There is a separate Scrapbooking store in town, but we didn't go there, because we didn't think they'd have the book we were looking for; had to go an hour away to Moab instead.
However, in Monticello, we found some good books at Cindy's Seconds, a nice little thrift store and the only place we found to buy clothes in town, although I heard rumors that the Hardware store had some clothes, like swimming suits.

I love to see the Temples!

We saw three temples on this Utah trip, well, if you don't count Salt Lake and Draper and Bountiful, which we could see in the distance, but didn't drive to them and stop.
Monticello was the first. We could see it from our Inn window, (after we switched Inns on Monday).

It is a very small temple, but very beautiful.

Oquirrh Mountain Temple is currently open for the public to tour, so we did!

The Angel Moroni already got struck by lightning. I was going to ask someone what would be done to prevent that from happening again, but I guess I was too worried about keeping our large group together and not losing any small people, that it slipped my mind.

It is a smaller temple, too, but the way it is built makes it very majestic.

Logan was the last temple we saw, though we didn't really stop there either, so this isn't the best picture since it was taken from a moving car.

I'm so thirsty!

At a random pit stop, somewhere midway between Cedar City and Monticello, UT, we found these huge silos of some sort. It was at a gas station. I don't know what they store in tall things at a gas station, but I thought this was a very clever way to disguise them. Most of my family is there under the Dr. Pepper.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Road Trip

You know you are getting close to L.A. when...
you start hearing ads on the radio for tummy tucks.

You know you are in Las Vegas when...
most of the commercials on t.v. are for bankruptcy lawyers and pawn shops.

You know you are in the bad part of town when...
you see Bail Bondsmen meeting with clients in the fast food restaurant where you stopped for breakfast.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Passing through St. George, UT, we saw a "D" on the mountain. I was wondering out loud what the "D" might stand for and Geneva said, "It stands for 'Dirt.'"

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thirteen-year-old and Five-month-old

I sure have lots of good helpers constantly asking to hold this baby. It's great, except for when it turns into an arguement about who gets him next. It's just funny when random strangers in the store tell me to be careful that my helpers don't drop the baby. I feel like saying, "Yeah thanks, but they hold him all the time and haven't dropped him, yet," except for that one time that he rolled off the changing table when the oldest was changing his diaper, but we don't mention that.

Fun with Clay

This is Ravenna's clay man, without his face/mask. She named him "Bob the slightly overweight engineer."
Below is with the face/mask.