Monday, July 20, 2009

Adventures in shopping in a small town

You also know you are in a small town when...
directions include the words, "You know that street with the stop light..."

We were looking for a bookstore.
Well, you go down Main Street and turn left on Center Street (the one with the stop light) and down a little on the left, you find:

You know you are in a small Utah town when...
the only bookstore in town sells LDS books inside an auto shop and it was closed for four days while the owners were away for a family reunion; it said so on the gate.
There is a separate Scrapbooking store in town, but we didn't go there, because we didn't think they'd have the book we were looking for; had to go an hour away to Moab instead.
However, in Monticello, we found some good books at Cindy's Seconds, a nice little thrift store and the only place we found to buy clothes in town, although I heard rumors that the Hardware store had some clothes, like swimming suits.

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Scorchi said...

Cai went with friends to some tiny town near Ephriam. She was laughing really hard that they didn't even have 1 stop light. They had a flashing light.
And when they went to Church on Sunday, people already knew who they were there visiting because they "had seen their car in the driveway."