Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Annual Family Pictures

Time for the annual family picture on the day when we celebrate the baby girl that didn't linger with us.  It's been fifteen years now.

There's usually one that doesn't do it when we say, "Everyone do [this]!"

He got a firm talking to, so in the below picture, everyone was doing pretty much the same thing!

We tried hard to smile with the sun in our eyes.

Moving to where the sun was behind us sure changes the light, but it was easier to keep your eyes open. If the little one was smiling, this would almost be the best picture.

Except I told my hubby that he always puts his head back when he smiles (above), so we all tried to show him how not to do that (below), except for the little one who now has the best smile.

Above is pretty darn good, except for G sticking out her chin.
Yeah, I think the last one is the best overall.