Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home Improvements

This is to explain my lack of blogging during the month of August.


This bathroom wasn't the only part of the house that got destroyed and rebuilt. We replaced sheetrock, along the outside walls, in all three bedrooms, because of mold, and replaced the last 5 windows in the house that weren't already double pane and removed the carpet from the kids' bedrooms, and now the outside is being re-stuccoed. I'm not even sure that is a word, but that's o.k. So, it's been pretty much an all summer long project, first cleaning out the garage and my Dad & Mom built awesome new shelves in there. Then, we cleaned out the bedrooms and living room. Well, some of the bedroom stuff got put in the cleaned out living room and garage. We almost have the kids rooms put back together, with a fresh coat of paint, too, but, they both need curtains now, and shelves, and...
It is the construction project that never ends...

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Why I Love Ikea

Yep, this is the reason I love Ikea. I don't have to put my baby on the floor while I use the bathroom. How can I resist nibbling on those cute little toes right in front of my face!