Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Coughing/Sneezing Etiquette

Help stop the spread of germs:


Personally, I think I prefer a tissue and then an immediate washing of the hands.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Is grocery shopping an adventure?

I'm getting pretty good at remembering to take my non-plastic bags with me when I go grocery shopping. Not so good at bringing them to other stores though. Today, I had 11 bags with me and filled them all plus 2 store bags and I didn't even put the toilet paper in a bag. My goodness, that was a lot of food. The past couple times I've gone grocery shopping the clerks have asked me, "How long does all this last?!" I say, "About 2 weeks." Then, they ask how many people are in my family.

I usually go to a bag-your-own-stuff store and as I'm putting all this in my cart, I'm thinking, "I'm going to have to bag all this stuff!" At least my big kids are big enough to babysit the little ones, so that I can shop by myself and don't have to worry about them falling out of the cart while I'm trying to quickly bag before the next persons' groceries come creeping up on mine.

And sometimes we laugh about our big SUV 'grocery-getter', but all those groceries did fill the back of it! If only I could've fjorded a stream or plowed through a snow storm on the way home, then the 4 wheel drive might be justified.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Tolerant" Protestors

So, I got a call this morning, saying that Temple Hill in Oakland is closed all day due to disgruntled Prop. 8 opponents. Supposedly, they picked a day on purpose that the temple isn't open, but there is a church building on the temple grounds where a lot of people have Sunday services. I wonder to where were all of those wards diverted?

I was notified because I'm singing in Handel's Messiah this year! Fun, fun. It is my Christmas gift to myself. It really makes the season and it's so nice to just get lost in the polyphonic parts of the music. It is so beautiful and challenging. Our conductor is really great, too. He's really the best conductor I've ever sung with (Sorry Mom, but you probably agree).
He says this is his last year (though his wife said tonight, "Who knows what will happen in two years?")

Anyway, our rehearsal was diverted to San Leandro, which was fine with me, closer to home. I came into the chapel behind a group of 5 or so women. The conductor and his wife were seated on the back row of the chapel and said as we came in, "Where are the men?"
One lady responded, "Well, my husband was hit by a car last week." We all gasped and asked what happened. She said he had just planted a "Yes on Prop. 8" sign in a median divider and was walking across the street, when a car coming off the freeway, saw him plant the sign and gunned it to hit him. It was a hit and run. They think the car was probably going around 25 miles an hour. Fortunately, he didn't have a concussion or any broken bones, just soreness and bruises. No one was with him to get the license plate number, and of course he was too in shock to do it himself. This was in Sunol, CA.