Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Croissant Pizza

     Another post about dinner: I was going to make French bread pizza, but the store I went to didn't have French bread. Weird. So, I bought two packs of croissants instead, since there were only 9 in a pack and we have 8 at home. Toasted croissants are delicious! We already had some pepperoni and salami that needed to be used. We just used pasta sauce, cheese and pineapple tidbits and the meat and baked it at 425F for about five minutes.

Spencer liked to make his into faces.

I always catch him with his eyes closed. That's okay, he's still handsome when he's blinking.

 This was take three!

Geneva thought the croissants looked like bunny ears, so she made an entire bunny.

Too bad our plates are too small to hold it, one arm went splat when she moved it.

Another happy face!

The cutest happy face:

Picky eater #2 just wanted cheese, no sauce, no frills. Good thing this dinner is easily customizable.

Thumbs up!

He was copying the littlest one who was giving it ten thumbs up...

...there she is.

Picky eater #1 likes lots and lots of pineapple, skip the pepperoni!

I think she was giving it ten thumbs up, also.

Good times.

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Scorchi said...

You are becoming quite the cook, Trina! Who knew! Not an easy thing when you have picky eaters number 1 and 2 and.... and you try to make them nutritious and fun and you change every recipe!