Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Little Rearranging

This little sweetie pie is going to need her own bed someday, but for now, I got her this foam pad.

It's hard to tell, but I moved the tall dresser out of this room and put it in the little boys' room and put the short white dresser in its place (on the left). Also, we put a rug in here.

Here is the totally clean because it's just been rearranged little boys' room.

I switched the places where their beds are, well Dexter has the inflatable couch. It makes it more spacious. I still have my filing cabinet in there, but it is serving as Trevor's bedside table.

Kids hate cleaning, but they sure love it when a space is clean! They are instantly attracted to whatever spot I've just cleaned and they are so happy to play there and mess it up again.

Last night, Dexter couldn't fall asleep because Trevor had a flashlight and wouldn't turn it off. So, he took his pillows and blanket to the currently unoccupied room upstairs. Then he came downstairs and said it was pitch black with the light off, so he was looking for a flashlight. He failed to see the irony of the situation.

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Scorchi said...

The rooms look great! Thanks for posting!