Monday, December 10, 2012

"A thankful heart is a happy heart"

(The title quote is from Veggie Tales, which I love.)

I guess I haven't been having many adventures here in Mundane Land, or maybe I've been having so many adventures that I haven't had time to blog about them. hmm...

Anyway, on Thanksgiving Day my little family went for a walk at some nearby hills.

We started late in the afternoon and the sun decided to go down rather quickly.
I like the dark tree against the lighter sky...
and the dark hills.
We are thankful for a nice relaxing day and for the beauty of nature and the joy of family togetherness, even though it took a little convincing that we really meant for the WHOLE family to go, no, not just me and the little ones as usual. Kids get big enough to stay home without a parent and they think they never have to leave the house again!
Everyone enjoys the smallness of the baby.
The younger kids love to take turns pushing the stroller. The hills are gentle here, but it wasn't long before the "I want to go home"s started.
The speed at which the Earth rotates depends on your latitude, at the poles it's almost zero and at the equator, where the circumference of the world is the widest the speed is about 1,038 miles per hour (1,670 kph). At the mid-latitudes of the U.S. and Europe, we speed along at 700 to 900 mph (1125 to 1450 kph). No wonder the sun sets so fast.
If you've seen one sunset, have you seen them all?
Or is each one unique and ever changing from minute to minute?
This one has the moon in the sky.

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Nice post and beautiful pictures!