Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Like Bollywood!

Okay, so I've only seen about four or five Bollywood movies, but so far they have all been enjoyable.
Reasons why I like them:

1. There is no pre-marital sex. It's great to see a peek into a culture that still values moral standards. They are more likely to hug than kiss or...
2. they bust into a musical number! I enjoy watching their style of dancing and I'd much rather see people dance and sing than see people making out or having intimate relations which should be intimate and not a spectator sport.
3. They have subtitles, so I can watch it at a low volume. Which is also the only negative: they have subtitles, so I can't multi-task while watching, because sometimes the words go by too fast.
4. They speak English quite frequently, but they still have subtitles for it and they don't always match.

I watched "Kismat Konnection" last night, and the cute actor said something like, "The light are back on," and the subtitles said, "The electricity is back." I looked up the cute actor's name, it's Shahid Kapoor. I've only seen three of his many movies.

5. Oh, there is one more negative, occasionally the swear word that begins with an 's' escapes their lips, but on the plus side the subtitles said, "Oh no!"

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