Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hard things are hard to do

Oh, poor neglected blog; November has almost slipped by without a howdy-do. Bother, it's not for lack of thought, it's just Facebook gets all the fun little tidbits.

I'm listening to Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson, and in the first chapter (at least I think it was the first chapter, it's a little hard to go back and verify when it's audio; if I had the actual book I would quote it right, but I digress...), he says he was raised in a family that prized doing hard things and so he tries to scale the hardest mountain to climb in the world, no not Everest, K-2 in Pakistan.

While I have no desire to climb mountains that can kill ya just for being in thin air, I want to be a person that prizes doing hard things and teaches my kids to want to do hard things.
I am raising a family that prizes watching movies. I love watching movies, but I also love going places!
How do you teach people to love doing hard things?

I guess by example, eh?

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Scorchi said...

I think example goes a long way, and positive feed back the whole time so they know they are having fun doing a hard thing; then lots of praise and feedback after so they can realize and recognize the feeling of accomplishment.

I think participating in Shakespeare plays counts. And clean ups for Realtor Alerts, and helping with city-wide clean ups, and working on Scouting projects, and................