Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More funny stuff

Dexter ate a small powdered donut and had very white hands and lips. He went and washed his hands, then came running to me and said he was all clean. I told him to go look in the mirror. He came running back a minute later and exclaimed, "I have a water face!"

I don't usually buy white bread, and one day at church, when offered the sacrament, he said, "That's too yellow for me."

I think it's kinda funny (and sad) to have pretty much total control over teaching my little ones to speak English. I taught Dexter to call a button-up dress shirt a "manly" shirt, because it's a shirt like Daddy wears to church. I just think it's hilarious to hear him call it a 'manly' shirt.

Today, Dexter was looking at a wall that had texture on part of it, (plastic panelling in the bathroom) and he said, "That wall is overstimulating." I don't know why it's so funny to hear a three-year-old say big words, but it is.

He started saying 'kindaly' instead of 'kind of.'
When Trevor had a thin line of slobber hanging down from his mouth, Dexter said, "Wait, don't move," and he tried to grab it, like it was a hair. Another time he said, "Wait, it's kindaly going to drip," and he grabbed the slobber and ran to the bathroom and dried his hands.

Christian, Ravenna, Trevor and I went to the grocery store and a friend called about plans for tomorrow and as I was talking to her Ravenna and Christian started loading the cart with donuts and gummy worms and ran off to find more fun stuff to fill the cart with while I was distracted.

When we got home, Ravenna asked me if Dexter could have a donut and I said, "I don't know," and she said, "That means 'yes' because it means you don't care." I said, "No, it means I want to care, but it takes too much energy."

The plastic around food or a toy is called the wrapper, but when the wrapper is taken off it's called garbage. Well, Geneva handed me her piece of candy and said, "Can you take the garbage off?"

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