Monday, May 25, 2009

Funny kids

Ravenna took Geneva to the bathroom during church and Ravenna told her to wash her hands afterwards. When Geneva was drying her hands she said, "I always listen to older sisters, because they are always right."

I got an individual size bag of Cheetos from a Costco-size box and was planning on sharing them with Dexter, but he said, "I want my own bag of mosquitos!"


Jared and Debbie said...

Big sisters ARE always right. I know, I happen to be one. :) It's a good lesson to learn early on. :) Trying to imagine D all grown up and eating bags of mosquitos. :) Fun times!

SillySlang said...

So that's why you are so wonderful, Debbie!
My oldest sister learned that if she says anything with enough authority people will believe her. Good thing she's right most of the time, too. :) But, it's pretty funny when she's just making things up.