Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prop. 8 in plain english


Jared & Debbie said...

what a wonderful poem published in the paper. i've been feeling so proud of all the good people stepping up and speaking out for marriage during this campaign! your friend said so many things so well. and, this video very simply made all the most important points i thought. including the fact that being a proponent of prop 8 is not about hate or prejudice and that true, respectful, every day kind of love for and friendship with our neighbors and all our fellow men is deeply a part of most of us who are working to preserve marriage. thanks for sharing it!

SillySlang said...

I agree. What clarified this issue for me, is realizing that it isn't a civil rights issue, since they have the same legal rights as a married couple. It is a moral issue, and so people should vote according to their moral compass and belief in God.

Also, as an interesting side note, the arguments I've heard in favor of Prop. 8, which are basically that 1) they should have the same rights 2) they are consenting adults and 3) if they love each other, they should be able to marry,
These arguments could also be used to justify polygamy, and I wonder what those if favor of same sex marraige would think of that. Maybe they would think "to each his own" but since the homosexuals have the support of the liberal media and polygamists don't, I suspect most people wouldn't be in favor of legalizing polygamy.

I find it a nice bonus that this law would not allow either.