Thursday, October 30, 2008

One more Prop. 8 post

I'm changing this post, because I like my brother Mike's explanation (from his blog) better:

"The core issue of gay marriage

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled 4-3 on Oct. 10 that same-sex couples have the right to wed rather than accept a 2005 civil union law designed to give them the same rights as married couples.

But there was no comparison between civil unions and marriage for Robin Levine-Ritterman and Barbara Levine-Ritterman, who obtained a civil union in 2005 and were among eight same-sex couples who sued for the right to marry.

"We didn't do it with pride or joy," Barbara Levine-Ritterman said of getting the civil-union license. "It felt gritty to be in a separate line."

On Wednesday, however, she proudly held up the first same-sex marriage license issued in New Haven as about 100 people applauded outside City Hall. She and her betrothed, who held red roses, plan to marry in May.]

In summary and plainly confessed, gay marriage isn't about rights, it's about feelings of inferiority.

What do you do when you know you're wrong? One of two things: Change so that you're in the right, or legitimize and justify your position and/or tear down the other side.

Despite all the claims of gay pride and equality, they still have that nagging on their conscience that comes from being wrong. Despite being legally given the same rights as heterosexual couples, they still recognize the illegitimacy of their relationship, and so seek to emulate the ideal."

Mike's very well 'spoken' in his writing sometimes.

I like this guy's video, it might answer some concerns people have:


Scorchi said...

Very good comments. I was trying to think of an example to make the issue clearer.

Now I'd like to think of an example of the tolerance that "they" demand but don't give.

SillySlang said...

Gay is the new Black.
Haahaa, get it?