Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Forever Lily" Quotes

I love this quote from the book "Forever Lily" by Beth Nonte Russell:

"Mindless practicalities always seem to get the upper hand over beautiful but unrealistic visions. Just once, I would like to see it go the other way." (p. 138)

and this one:

"We choose, we choose and then events confirm; events confirm and we choose again, a never ending process of creating our realities. Eventually those choices form a pattern of a life, and that pattern exerts an irresistible force upon all subsequent choices. It becomes more and more difficult to make a true change. And yet, it can be done. I have just lived it." (p. 123)


Debbie said...

What great quotes. I especially like the last one. Hope you all are doing well, wish we could have seen you while we were on your side of the continent. I looked through some of your goodreads books and decided I'd like to give the Peace Giver a try. Now to hunt down a copy and some reading time. :)

SillySlang said...

I wish we could've seen you too, but I know you were busy.
Oh, I love the Peace Giver. I read it in one Sunday afternoon. Even though I kept pausing to think about the profound truths in it.