Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Kids

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the Stubblefield's said...

yeah! how great to see a photo! they are all so beautiful. it just makes me miss 'em more :) i think C and G look the most different...he looks so grown up and she looks like a little princess! all that pretty hair! meanwhile, D looks just the same!! :) only bigger, stronger and judging by your kids say post...very smart and aware of what he wants in the world :) I wish that he and Hannah could play the afternoon away. please say hi to R for me. what a good, bright and brave girl! btw i chatted with Hannah about starting home preschool this fall and she's in :) wish me we go! :)

SillySlang said...

Thank you for your comments, D.!
Good luck as you begin the homeschooling journey!