Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

We were driving in the car, yesterday. It was a warm, sunny day and we were outside for the first time that day. We were driving through the city with the windows rolled down, and I said, "Isn't it nice to have some fresh air?"
Dexter (age 2) said, "No, how 'bout pizza?!"

Another time we were driving along and passed a business that had a gate with bars. Geneva (age 4), said, "I can fit through that. Dang, little girls are smart!"

Last week, Ravenna (age 14), put a pricetag on her forehead and said, "I am no longer priceless."

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elesa said...

Wow. I can't stop laughing. It s hard to rype when laughing. Kids really do say the darndest thing.s