Thursday, December 13, 2007

Inspiring Quote

From 'A Thomas Jefferson Education" Revised Edition, p.112

"As a ... wife and mother, some of you will face a seemingly never-ending pile of laundry, dishes and housework. You may wonder what happened to the 'great expectations' of leadership ablilites that you learned in the classics.

Yet it is in exactly such circumstances that the character of leaders, statesmen, Founding Fathers and Mothers is forged. It is in the small and simple things that greatness is obtained. When the day comes that you are called upon for what the world calls 'great things,' you will see clearly that they are no greater than the things you did at home.

By the way, that call will come. If you have paid the price of greatness through classics and mentors, and if you continue to pay the price of greatness in the next phase of your education - the everyday life phase- you will become great, and you will be called upon to change the world."