Thursday, December 27, 2007

greatness in two hours a day

This past summer we went to a performance of the Five Browns:

Actually, it was a musical fireside at church, so they each took turns playing and speaking. They are each such good pianists. Since there was only one piano on stage, the most that could play together was three of them. I imagine it would be wonderful to hear all five at the same time.

The father said they get a lot of compliments on how talented their children are and he said that his usual response is, "Well, you do anything for 2 hours a day for 16 years or so and you'll get pretty good at it, too."
(That's not an exact quote, but that's the gist of it.)

So, what do I spend two hours a day doing that I am becoming great at?


demi said...

Hmmmm.....good question. I wish I could say I was doing something great. Bending wire into little shapes I guess.

SillySlang said...

Well, see that's something. I think reading/studying counts, too. I was thinking the only think I do that consistently is watch t.v., so greatness might stay far from me. But, I do have hobbies I've been working on. I just wish I was already an accomplished piano player.