Monday, February 20, 2017

True Confession

I was trying to make instant potatoes, but didn't have any milk!

hmm... what would you substitute? The only canned milk we had was sweetened condensed or coconut. We were out of sour cream. Mayo? I don't think so.

To begin with, for more flavor, I used chicken broth in place of most of the water (4 cups out of 6).
I did use the proper amount butter.

It called for 2 Cups of milk...I used a little bit of extra oil, like a quarter cup or less along with (drum roll, please) ranch dressing to fill the rest of the cup, and then replaced the other cup and a quarter with water.

I also used ground beef with all its grease and some extra potato flakes, less than a cup, to finish off the box.

It was good.
No one complained.

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