Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Days

Summer is for lazy days at the beach.

This is the beach we went to last week. I hadn't been to it before. 

It had ripcurrent and backwash warnings, so it wasn't swimmable.

It had fine sand and pretty waves and tide pools if we were willing to walk. It was overcast and a bit chilly, but some kids still got wet. Some more than they wanted, one wave tackled Trevor.

Unfortunately, my camera battery died way too soon, so those were all the pictures I got of that beach.
But, this week, we went a little further south and found sunshine. Trevor stayed a safe distance from the waves this time.

Geneva dug a couple of holes connected to each other.

Little Z loves playing in the sand and when someone filled the purple bucket with water, she sat next to it for a long time and put sand into the water.

I was trying to capture a picture of the dolphins we saw swimming past.

But, with the sun shining, I could pretty much only see my own reflection in my viewing screen.
Here is a fin!

We also saw some seals popping their heads up and an otter, but I couldn't get pictures of those.

I couldn't talk Christian into wearing shorts.

Dexter asked me if I knew where his hands were.

This is inside the little yellow bucket (above). We found these two living sand dollars with live barnacles on them. This one started poking out to find something to eat.

Venna put her phone in plastic to protect it from the sand and found she could still control it,
so she was happy with her earphones.

My friend likes to put shells on top of the sand like a mosaic.

I didn't get a really good picture of Spencer. He's in the green shirt on the far patch of seaweed.

Dexter usually starts playing in the water by the time it's almost time to go. He was jumping to make an imprint of his feet and then tapping each foot print with his little plastic rake, making four little holes in a row.

We watched these far away clouds get closer as the day wore on.

Sandy baby toes:

Z babe just looks so little walking next to her big sister.

Dexter doesn't think we should go to the beach too often, because he knows it costs a lot to buy gas and snacks, but I told him once a week isn't too often.

Pretty much as soon as we get there, Christian starts asking how long we are going to stay.
I tell him time does not exist at the beach.
He says that is not a valid answer.

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