Friday, April 12, 2013

Museum Trip

We went on a homeschool field trip, yesterday. The museum gave us free admission, like they would for a school group. It was fun to get together with a few families we hadn't seen in a while.

This is a picture of Trevor two years ago at a different museum.

That was his favorite part, he really wasn't very happy during the rest of our wanderings.

By contrast, yesterday, Z was pretty happy during our museum trip. We mostly cruised at her speed through the exhibit rooms and she would stop to look at things, though not usually long enough for me to read the little signs, unless I kneeled down and held her on my lap while I read to her.

But what was her favorite part?

"I-can't-help-it. It's-so-beautiful." -A Bug's Life

Which begs the question, what is art?

I love that quote, "Nature is a revelation of God - art is a revelation of man."

The second floor of the museum had sayings like this all around the stairs, way up high near the ceiling. I love it when there are beautiful things way up high, where you might not even notice them, unless you take the time to look up!

I had to zoom as much as my camera would zoom on some. I'm glad they turned out readable.

It reminded me how much I've missed going on field trips this year; we've done hardly any, because Geneva is in public school this year and it seems rather rude to go off and have fun learning, while she's stuck behind a desk. Too many field trips can be a bother, but it is fun to remember that learning can happen anywhere you seek it.

Knowledge is thine forever!


The Bec-ster said...

I love going off and having field trips without all my kids that sit at desks! Oscar and I have adventures all the time. I really liked the quotes in stone, funny that the u is a v.

SillySlang said...

That is cool that you have fun. I like the Us as Vs, also. I have way more pictures than I posted.