Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Food revolution continues

We had a birthday without cake! If that isn't a revolution in the food world, then I don't know what is! My oldest turned 16 and she was willing to have a fruit salad instead of a cake. I stuck one candle in a piece of watermelon. I didn't hear any murmuring from her friends about not having cake. Although, I must admit, a week or so after her birthday she said she wished that we had started this healthier way of eating AFTER her birthday.
My 11 year-old son said he wants fruit salad for his birthday, too.

And, my 4 year-old son will now he "eggs with nothing." He used to not eat eggs at all, but now he will eat them as long as I don't add any veggies to them. It's a small victory, but actually huge considering his limited palate. Once he said, "My only flavors are: chips, yogurt, cookies, cheese and milk." Oh, he'll eat bananas now, too, but only half of one, and then another half, and then sometimes another half. If I can promise there are no seeds, then sometimes he'll condescend to eat a few bites of watermelon.
Progress comes slowly.

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