Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Internet

The internet is very useful for solving those questions that were nearly impossible to answer before we had ready access to unlimited trivia. For example, Chris and I did a fist bump type hand shake and he said, "Sorry the Wonder Twin powers aren't working."
I said, "That's because you have to use your hand with the ring on it."
So, he switched hands and I said, "Form of an eagle."
He said, "Shape of an ice cube."
I said, "It's 'form of.'"
But he was sure one of them said, "Form of..." and the other said, "Shape of..."
I sure thought they both said, "Form of..."
So, he looked it up on YouTube and found a clip and sure enough he was right, though it was the girl that always went first and she said, "Shape of..." since she always got to be some kind of animal and her brother said, "Form of..." since he always had to be some sort of water, which I always thought was a little weak, but they seemed to win their battles anyway.

Too bad the internet doesn't have the answers that we really need.
My sister was looking for ideas for her daughter's birthday and not letting her daughter see, but after she walked away, her daughter googled, "What is my Mom's secret?" Good thing she doesn't know about the History menu, or she might have figured it out.

I can search for houses, but I can't really know what it's like to live in a particular neighborhood by searching the internet.

At least I can check my bank balance and keep in touch with family and friends and friends I haven't met, yet.
So, I would surely miss it, if electricity was not available for a season.
If only it could tell me the end of the road on a particular course of action...
"...'Cuz if you don't like the end of the road, you better back-up, you know you better back-up fast..." (Carol Lynn Pearson, "My Turn On Earth")


Jared and Debbie said...

you are a great writer. loved this post. can't believe we've lived here this long and haven't been down your way yet. gas money is a lot harder to come by than we expected. baby is due next month. thinking of you guys with love.

ae said...

Street view on googlemaps helped me see that maybe I didn't want to try the daycare in the trailer in a seedy part of a town I know nothing about.

Scorchi said...

Great post. And don't think I didn't recognize the quote from MTOE.

SillySlang said...

Debbie - I'm so excited for you! I should come to you, since you are pregnant!

ae - that is pretty handy! I also like that if I'm searching for real estate and there isn't a picture, I can google it and usually see the street view and turn around and see what the neighbors' houses look like.

Scorchi - guess I should've given a source for that quote, even though you already know it, just to give credit where credit is due.

The Bec-ster said...

Ah the wonder twins...those were the good old days.
I totally got the quote and my head was humming it before I got to the end.
Make sure you check for houses HERE! I will tell you if they are good or not!

swaney3 said...

Nice read