Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kids are funny

Geneva said, "Ants can't dance because they don't have any hips."
I think she's right about that.

Speaking of Geneva, pictures like this keep popping up all around the house:

This is a plastic bin used as a toy box, in case you couldn't tell.
Dexter saw it in the kitchen and exclaimed to Geneva, "Oh, that's a picture of the two of us fall in love!"
How sweet! (At what point should I be concerned about this?)

Ravenna said to Spencer, "You're a good brother; I'll remember that when I'm a dictator." I didn't know she had aspirations to be a dictator.

Then she said to Christian and me, "You're a good brother, too, and you're a good Mom. I'll make you all members of my cabinet."
Of course she never said she would be an evil dictator. She is really very thoughtful and considerate.

Here's a happy chubby baby picture for good measure:

Four months old and about 20 pounds!

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Scorchi said...

I can definitely see the effects of home schooling. Where else would you see a 15 year old building her cabinet for when she is a dictator. And a 5 year old who is aware you need hips to dance!

Such funny kids! I love it!