Monday, February 16, 2009

I need, I need

INSTRUCTIONS: Type in your name and the word needs in quotes (in my case, "Trina needs”) into a search engine and see what comes up. List the first 10!

1. my life my words my mind: What I need
"Trina needs a human companion that is interested in training and also expanding her signing vocabulary." - there are just no words. ...

2. My sister Trina needs prayer!...


4. Celebrity Photos: 3 Reasons Why Trina Needs A Stylist.

5. Trina needs a good home ...(Chicago Sun-Times articles). Tank Johnson's pit bull terrier, Trina, is now at Save-A-Pet near Grayslake, awaiting adoption.

6. (I'm skipping one that was someone's myspace profile)

7. Trina Needs HELP - sweet little kitty with infection in her eyes needs vet care !!...[catsindanger] DANVILLE/BERWICK, PA --

8. Trina's place to blog

9. Trina needs to work with Pharell again!!!

10. Trina needs to read some of these comments and take them as constructive ...

I kinda cheated and skipped over the ones with vulgarity.
Yeah, doesn't help that there is a Rapper named Trina.
Incidently, I got a random phone call once, asking if I was "the singer Trina," but the person's ~accent~ was so strong I thought she said, "Is this finger China?"

1 comment:

Jared and Debbie said...

Debbie needs...
1. a saddle
2. prayer
3. to look behind her
4. to stop the "anti-pale" comments
5. your help
6. more money
7. a break
8. toilet paper
9. to learn
10. you
thanks for that bit of good fun! :)