Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Now that we've counted down to a new year, I'm really counting down to our new arrival due in Feb. Just a little over a month to go now! It's amazing to think I was pregnant for more than half of last year and even more mind boggling to think that I've been pregnant almost every other year for the past 15 years! There was the occasional odd year where I wasn't, but that's a long time.

I think I'd rather think about something else now, like names. The possibilities are endless. And what a huge responsibility to give someone a name that they will use for their whole life! 'Course they can always choose a nickname for themselves if they don't like it, or legally change it if they REALLY don't like it, but hopefully most people like their names that were thought out with love.

Every time I blog, or think about blogging, I think of this quote from Joe Vs. the Volcano, where Joe says, "I have no interest in myself. I start thinking about myself, I get bored."

Maybe I should think of other things to write about than myself.

But, I did want to say that my family accomplished our goal to read the entire Book of Mormon in one year! Yay! We read the last chapter last night, after having a movie marathon all day, and before going to a party at church at night.
I think this year we need to work on consistency, reading every day. There were way too many days (or weeks) when we didn't read scriptures together.

Hope everyone has a great day to start this new year!

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