Sunday, September 28, 2008

Funny Little Boy

Dexter followed me out of the house last night, I was going to put some things in the recycle bin. I knew he was there. All of a sudden, he said, "Whoa, that scared me."
I said, "What scared you?"
He said, "That scared Dexter."
I said, "What scared Dexter?"
He said, "That scared the little boy."
By, then I was laughing, because I knew I would never find out WHAT it was, but I sure have a funny little boy.

Two year olds that can speak clearly say some crazy things. Some things are so illogical that my brain rejects them, no matter how funny, because it does not compute, so I can't remember long enough to write it down.

One Sunday, we were leaving the baptismal room, heading toward the refreshment room and he said, "Mom, you're making me nervous." I tried to get him to explain what I was doing that was making him nervous, but he only repeated himself.

A few days ago we were driving through some winding mountain roads, on the way to the beach, and he said, "Oh no, dangerous curves." I think he got that from Thomas the Tank Engine.

He turns three years old next week and he already recognizes pretty much all the alphabet letters, thanks to this wonderful website:
The top link on that page with the ABC's is great. I would never try to teach letters to a 2 year old, but he learned them, nonetheless. He doesn't know the alphabet in order, yet, and he may forget the letters if we don't keep them fresh. He loves to be read to and has at least 3 or 4 short books memorized.
O.K. enough bragging for now.


Jared & Debbie said...

Brag on, Brag on :)...I love to hear it! What an awesome kid! And hilarious! I was laughing out loud! :)

Jared & Debbie said...

thanks for mentioning starfall...we've tried it and hannah loves it!

SillySlang said...

Oh no problem, it's a great site. And thanks for enjoying my bragging.